Feature Overview

Decisions is a comprehensive workflow and rule engine platform with a full end-user portal, forms, dashboards, integrations to other systems, and much more. The chart below shows the features available in our product. All versions of our product are backed by our excellent support team and are constantly evolving and being improved. If you have any questions about our features or licensing please contact us.

Application / Workflow Server

  • User Portal
  • User Workflow Engine
  • Backend/Batch Processing Workflow
  • Business Rule Engine
  • Enterprise Infrastructure
  • Common Infrastructure

Design Studio

  • Business Rule Designer
  • Workflow Designer
  • Form Designer
  • Data Structure Designer
  • Dashboard / Report Designer
  • Integrations
  • Configuration Management / Versioning / Auditing
  • Tuning / Testing Tools
Process Folder


  • Version Change Control
  • Repository
  • Workflow Template Library (App Store)
  • Case Management and Ticketing
  • Assignment / Task / Approval Management
  • Document Management / Storage
  • Business Services
  • Business Metrics and Analysis
  • SDK